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  • Molly Evans

    Reiki Master Practitioner, MBSR Certified, Mystic Influencer, Essential Oils & Crystal Energy Healing.

    I value the health of the whole client and person. Through Reiki Energy healing practices and principles, I strive to facilitate healing to each client’s individual needs.

    I began my personal journey of physical & spiritual healing over fifteen years ago, when I had a difficult time healing after giving birth to my son. During this time, I found Reiki energy healing as the most successful form of treatment for myself, as it facilitated healing in my body from the years of damage brought on by chronic stress, anxiety, physical injury due to daily long distance running, and chronic inflammation. I am deeply passionate about bringing this same healing experience to others, their family members and loved ones. I utilize a combination of Reiki practices and principles, essential oils, crystals and singing bowls to assist each individual client in obtaining the healing for which they are seeking.

    Appointments can be made by calling or texting 612-842-9814 or emailing us at [email protected]