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Welcome to Integrative Health. Our mission is to bring many interventions (e.g., Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Neuropsychological evaluations, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Dietitian services and more) together in a coordinated fashion to meet the needs of patients with a variety of presentations. We make care accessible, affordable, and convenient using a hybrid model of care. Providers offer telehealth appointments using our HIPAA compliant platform in the comfort of your home, or in person appointments at our clinic in Oakdale/Woodbury.

Integrative Health was founded in the Summer of 2021. Our partners and providers come with years of experience working in hospital, prison, state hospital, community mental health, and private practice settings.

We accept most major insurance to include BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, Medicaid, Health Partners, Preferred One, United Healthcare, Optum, Medica, UCare, Hennepin Health, and Medicare.

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We recommend you visit “the team” page to identify which psychiatric provider may suite you best..
Intuitive eating is a philosophy of eating that makes you the expert of your body and its internal cues…
Ketamine is a synthetic pharmaceutical compound, classified as a dissociative anesthetic….
Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, counseling, and therapy, is an approach for treating…
Integrative Health offers in person neuropsychological evaluations across the age spectrum, from the pediatric (ages 6+)…
Integrative Health offers comprehensive chemical use assessments, sometimes known colloquially in Minnesota as a Rule 25…
Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a type of bodywork that relieves tension in the craniosacral system, which includes the membranes, fluids,…
Grief Coaching can help you take steps forward and orient to a new normal while honoring your loved one and being fully present with whatever…
Reiki :: embrace spiritually guided life force energy through a gentle hands on experience that treats the body, spirit and mind of the whole individual…


Rose Williams
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I found solace and understanding through Integrative Health MN's psychiatry services. Dr. Dina Stewart compassionate approach helped me navigate through my mental health challenges with clarity and confidence.
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Embarking on the journey of psychotherapy at Integrative Health MN was transformative. My therapist, Talia Thompson provided a safe space for me to explore my emotions and develop coping strategies. I am grateful for her empathy and guidance.
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My experience with neuropsychological evaluations at Integrative Health MN was insightful. Dr. Calsey Fasching expertise shed light on my cognitive strengths and weaknesses, empowering me to address areas of concern and thrive in my daily life.
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Integrative Health MN's dietitian services provided me with the knowledge and tools to prioritize my nutritional well-being. Working with Keri Karst, I learned to make sustainable dietary changes that enhanced my overall health and vitality. I highly recommend their expertise.

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