Reiki and energy medicine

Reiki Treatment

Reiki :: embrace spiritually guided life force energy through a gentle hands on experience that treats the body, spirit and mind of the whole individual. This technique creates beneficial effects including relaxation, peace and security. Those experiencing low life force energy or vitality, are stressed or suffering from a depleted immune system are drawn to this offering. 60 mins, $125
[An ancient Japanese technique promoting healing; ‘rei’ is the universal energy or power // ‘ki’ is the fundamental life force flowing through all things.]

Holistic Wellness Coaching
Wellness :: individualized consulting that evaluates areas of support to overall wellbeing through lifestyle practices, nutritional modifications, herbal remedies and spiritual guidance. Those wishing to establish routines and create foundational groundwork for optimal health and wellness are drawn to this offering. 60 mins, $125 [Embrace responsibility for your health and take action by adopting holistic practices into your day to day.]
Flower Essence Protocol

Flower Essence :: influence the subtle energies within the body and mind by incorporating the use of herbal medicine and vibrational resonance as support in any spiritual journey and wellness plan. This tool can be use in combination with any existing treatment plans, medications or practices. Those seeking added support through periods of mental and emotional transition benefit from this offering. 60 mins, $175 (includes flower essence remedy)

[Developed in the 1930’s and typically taken in oral, liquid form, flower essences are naturally extracted from the energetics of plants.]

Integrative Energy Medicine

Energy :: one-on-one energetic integrative healing experience beginning with an initial assessment and intuitive energy field reading followed by shamanic energy healing that includes a dynamic release, cleanse and balancing. Individual practices or homework may be given in the appointment to support mind-body integration and stabilizing. Those who feel directionless or trapped, seek clarity, a sense of freedom or mind-body realignment are drawn to this offering. 60 mins, $225

[Shamanic healing assists the whole-self for its highest good by alchemizing within the subconscious and integrating, the universal organizing principle, love.]

Healing Program

Program :: beginning with an individual assessment, this eight week immersive healing program is curated to stimulate the individuals’ desired multi-level movement and healing. Those seeking intensive commitment to physical wellbeing, mental growth and spiritual journey are drawn to this offering. ($1650 value) Total cost, $1,425

[includes // initial assessment / four integrative energy medicine appointments / custom combination of four reiki treatment, holistic wellness coaching or flower essence protocol appointments]

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