Psychiatry Appointments (medication management)

Preparing for your first appointment

We recommend you visit “the team” page to identify which psychiatric provider may suite you best. From there, you are encouraged to click “schedule appointment” at the top of our website to schedule your first appointment with the identified provider.

Once the appointment is scheduled, below are the steps to prepare for your first appointment.

· please complete the new client registration documentation of which is sent to your email. Please fill out the forms to the best of your ability.

· Completing the registration documents prior to the visit allows your provider to spend more time focusing on presenting concerns.

· Insurance benefits will be verified prior to the visit. Your provider can go over your insurance benefits with you during the first visit.

· If we do not receive the intake paperwork within 48 business hours before the appointment time, the appointment will be cancelled and can be rescheduled for a later date.

What you can expect at your first visit

· Your provider will spend about 45-55 minutes reviewing your presenting concerns and gather information about you. You may be asked to complete forms related to physical and emotional health.

· Your first session is also an opportunity to interview the provider. You will be able to see whether the provider’s approach and personality will work for you.

· Questions are encouraged during your appointment. If you do not feel comfortable with the provider, try another provider. Having a good fit with your provider is critical for effective treatment.

· An explanation of your insurance benefits can be discussed with your provider. Please note, this is a quote.

· Your provider will discuss treatment options at the end of the session.

· If you feel your provider is a good fit, please confirm your next appointment time with the provider.

· The psychiatry appointments can be in-person or during a video visit.

What you can expect with psychiatry (medication management) appointments following your first visit

· Your provider will provide and discuss treatment options, which may include medication and other combinations of therapy to suite your health needs. The level of care needed will be discussed extensively. The decision to begin medication will be based on many factors to include one’s symptoms. The provider may recommend procedures or labs such as baseline tests before starting medications. Tests may also be required to rule out medical conditions or issues that may contribute to your symptoms.

· Please ask your provider about the diagnosis, treatment plan, and concerns before the end of each session.

· The number of medication management sessions you need and how frequently you need to see your provider depends on various factors. Please discuss this with your provider.


Except in rare cases, conversations with your provider are confidential. But a therapist may break confidentiality if there’s an immediate threat to safety or when state or federal law requires reporting concerns to authorities. Your therapist can answer questions about confidentiality.

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