Top 5 Exercises to Improve Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Bear Crawls:

It helps you develop body awareness, improve body coordination, and improve motor planning. It also builds strength in the truck and upper body.

  • Start this exercise by kneeling with your hands under your shoulders, knees under hips
  • Then, spread your hands wide to ensure optimal support, and extend your legs as far as possible.
  • Next, walk with your feet and hands across the floor.
  • Maintain the same position and walk backward.
  • You can try out switching up speed and direction for better results.

Star Jumps:

Jumping exercises are great full-body exercises. They improve cardiovascular endurance, increase body awareness, and strengthen the legs and core.

  • To begin the exercise, sit in a squat position with knees bent and arms towards your chest.
  • Then, jump from the squat position at the count of 3. Extend the arms and legs wide open. Make your body look like a symbol x.
  • On landing on the floor, repeat the same squat position and repeat the exercise.

Mirror Exercise:

Autism individuals face issues while interacting with others or the environment. Mirror exercise helps them mimic what others are doing, which helps to increase their coordination and social skills.

  • Stand facing a partner, hands by your side.
  • Ask them to make slow motions with their arms. First, try using simple arm patterns, and then gradually progress to more complex ones.
  • When you are ready, try to mimic your partner. For example, if your partner raises their left arm, you raise your right arm.
  • Try to do this activity with other body parts.

Arm Circle:

Arm exercises are great upper-body exercises. It helps to increase the flexibility and strength of the shoulder.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder apart and arms by your side.
  • Slightly extend your arms to the shoulder level.
  • Keep your arms straight and start making circular motions.
  • First, do it in a clockwise direction, then in the anti-clockwise direction.

Medicine Ball Slams:

Throwing heavy objects like medical balls helps to increase the core strength and balance. 

  • To begin with, start holding the ball with both your hands.
  • Then, raise the ball above your head.
  • Slam the ball down the ground with as much force possible.
  • Then, bend your knees, pick the ball, and repeat the movement 20 times.

Summing up:


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