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  • Rose Hellat, MSW, LGSW

    Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. While I’m sure you are looking through many profiles to find the right fit, please let me tell you who I am. I have been involved in social services professionally for over a decade, and I have worked in a variety of settings with a lot of different people. Throughout my time in these areas, I gained quite a bit of knowledge to help me in private practice; building rapport, and learning about various interventions for different behaviors and symptoms.

    Generally, I utilize evidence-based practices combined with a holistic approach to cater to your needs and goals and only promote what I’ve seen firsthand. I tend to work best with folks that appreciate a personable, educated approach to mental health and want to better their lives. I do my best to incorporate your lifestyle into our work and take a personalized approach to wellness. We can all start to help ourselves best by locating what our strengths are and utilizing them to our advantage.

    Rose accepts all insurance plans. Appointments can be made by scheduling online or calling or texting 612.842.9814.